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What are the excellent properties and effects of plexiglass?
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Plexiglass has the above excellent properties, making it extremely versatile. In addition to being used as a canopy on the aircraft, windshield and chords, it is also used as a windshield and window for jeep, skylights for large buildings (can be broken), television and radar Screens, protective covers for instruments and equipment, housings for telecommunication instruments, optical lenses on telescopes and cameras. Daily necessities made of plexiglass, such as buttons made of pearlescent plexiglass, various toys, lamps, etc. The decorative effect of colored plexiglass is extraordinarily beautiful. Plexiglass also has a wonderful use in medicine, which is to make artificial cornea. If the transparent cornea of the human eye is covered with opaque substances, the light can not enter the eye. This is the blindness caused by total corneal leukoplakia, and the disease cannot be treated with drugs.

Therefore, the medical scientist envisages replacing the cornea with white spots with artificial cornea. The so-called artificial cornea is made up of a transparent material to make a mirror column with a diameter of only a few millimeters, and then a small hole is drilled in the cornea of the human eye. The mirror column is fixed on the cornea, and the light enters the eye through the mirror column. The human eye can see the light again. As early as 1771, an ophthalmologist used optical glass to make a mirror column and implanted the cornea, but it was not successful. Later, the use of crystal instead of optical glass failed in only half a year. In the Second World War, when some planes crashed, the cockpit cover made of plexiglass on the plane was blown, and the pilot’s eyes were embedded with plexiglass. Fragments. After many years, although these fragments have not been removed, they have not caused any further inflammation or other adverse reactions in the human eye. This incidental event indicates that plexiglass and human tissue have good compatibility. It also inspired ophthalmologists to make artificial corneas with plexiglass. It has good light transmission, stable chemical properties, is non-toxic to human body, easy to process into the desired shape, and can be compatible with human eyes for a long time. Now, use organic Glass do artificial cornea has been widely used clinically.

What are the excellent properties and effects of plexiglass?

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